Saturday, August 11, 2007

Knitting Related Injuries

I am making some progress on Bunny's Crumpet Dress. I really loved this pattern to begin with, but the endless, mindless stockinette stitch is truly driving me crazy! And, my initial impressions of Lion Brand Cotton-Ease have been reinforced. The yarn is splitty and terribly hard on the hands. I am not enjoying working with it at all. I actually have knitting related injuries caused by the coarse nature of the cotton plies. It's almost like working with rope. What you can't really tell from these photos is that the skin is actually split open where the arrows are pointing. Hurts like the dickens when I stab myself with a knitting needle there.

Knitting Related Injury2

I am about half way done the dress which needs to be ready for wear at our good friends wedding on August 31. I am therefore, working through the pain... oh, the things I do for my kids.

Trish's RavelryBlog Pictures - August 11, 2007 007
What I really want to do is cast on for another pair of socks. Make1 just got in their first ever shipment of Mama E C*eye*ber Fiber Sock yarn and it is amazing. So, of course, I had to get a few skeins. I picked up two of the Merino/Tencel and one of the Merino/Silk yarns. Yummy.

Trish's RavelryBlog Pictures - August 11, 2007 014

Trish's RavelryBlog Pictures - August 11, 2007 011

Trish's RavelryBlog Pictures - August 11, 2007 013

I signed up for Sock a Month 4, so really, I needed some more yarn to make socks with. Afterall, I have committed to knitting a pair of socks each month for the next 6 months... I may not be as ambitious as YouKnowWho, but still, it's a start right??


carmelclose said...

I'm not as ambitious as you give me credit for - I just have the spare time that only a Nana can have because my kids are up and out of the house (notice I didn't say grown up and out of the house)....

mathiemom said...

Trish, we Moms and knitters do all kinds of wacky stuff, even if it hurts, to get the job done. Just be careful - you don't want to get an infected finger on top of that nasty cut. Have you tried different kinds of bandages to see if there's one that allows you to knit more comfortably?

The dress is absolutely stunning, though. Isn't it fun to make things for your kids (when you aren't injuring yourself, that is)? My kids are grown up (sort of), and while they usually still appreciate my efforts, it takes a lot longer because their so much bigger!

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