Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sale Stuffs...

Time sure flies when you are having... fun. Actually, I have just been too busy to sit down and post something substantial. Plus, I promised some yarn for sale/swap. So, without further ado, here is the stuff that I want to get rid of. I just really want to make room for some of the things that are coming in, so I will be more than happy to make a very good deal with anyone that wants anything. This post will only contain a portion of what I need to get rid of though. My camera battery died halfway through the photos so I will post the rest of the stuff as soon as the camera charges.

This is some super 10 cotton that I bought for the Calla tank. I actually have 3 skeins and will gladly frog the one which is still on the needles if you would like.

I bought this to make Bunny a cardigan from Knitty. Just after I bought it and swatched it, she proclaimed that she didn't like purple and that was the end of that. I actually have one more skein of the purple that was on the needles and then frogged.

This yarn comes from Elann. I bought it to make this. It's actually very soft with quite a bit of stretch to it. Its a 40/30/30 mix of wool/poyamide/acrylic. I love the color, but I don't want to spend the time making the sweater, frankly. There are 10 balls still in the bag and two that were partially unwound and then promptly rewound again. Enough to make the medium size of the sweater.

This is a very different yarn. Its a slubby peach color and I have about a dozen (give or take) skeins of this. I bought it thinking it would make a cool sweater, but never got around to it. I don't know much about the manufacturer since I think that they may have gone out of business. Its a soft mix of cotton/viscose/acrylic and has some pretty shine to it.

If anyone is interested in any of these yarns, please email me at lawsontrisha(at)hotmail(dot)com -- you know to put in the @ and the . right? We can also discuss shipping then. I promise not to charge any more than it costs me to ship.

Otherwise, all things are good. I will also have some pics of the knitting retreat that I went on last weekend (including pics of the 2 special - and famous- guests that accompanied and imparted copious amounts of wisdom on us).

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morgan said...

Trish!! It was so awesome "meeting" you and getting to spend time with you at the retreat. I look forward to hanging out with you at the shop!