Sunday, December 31, 2006

Its... A Baby

Yup, to those that didn't know, those that guessed, and those that just don't care, I am pregnant again... and for the last time ever.

I seem to be one of those few women who hates being pregnant. I HATE it. With a passion. I have been so sick with both pregnancies as to render the first trimester and beyond so terrible that it is impossible to get excited about anything. And, if the last pregnancy is anything to go by, I am predicting that I will get a few good weeks at the end of the second trimester when the vomiting and extreme 24/7 nausea will let up. At which point, the baby will then lodge its head under my ribcage and stomp incessantly on my bladder for the next couple of months until it is born.

Sounds pretty miserable hey? Why do I do it? Because I LOVE the end result. And, if you know Bunny, you can see why I think having kids is so great...

I just wish I wasn't the one that actually has to have them.

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