Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Actually, home is where the yarn is...

Let's talk about stash. I know that this has been discussed ad nauseum on other blogs, but let's face it; every knitter finds themselves looking at their stash once in a while and quietly contemplating whether or not it's over the top. I had that exact moment last night when I went to the post box, found the magic oversized parcel box key, opened the box and found... 2 bags waiting for me to take home and open. What was in the new bags? Well, in one I found my new STR rockin sock club shipment for April. I am totally in love with this pattern and the yarn is simply stunning. The pattern appears to be well written and thought out (there was a lot of criticism over the last pattern regarding gauge, instep issues, and pooling vs striping - some people are never satisfied) and the yarn - yum, yum, yummy. Silkie is my new favorite sock yarn I think!!! So soft and I love the stripe-y effect that it has. MMMMMMM.

Trish's Blog Pictures -  April 25, 2007 002

Of course, if that were all, I wouldn't have had the moment of stash contemplation. Oh no, it didn't end there. Also in the mail box were the two skeins of STR that I had ordered previously. One is a colorway that was specially dyed for me by the nice ladies at STR (and so I can't mention the name of the colorway) and one is Lucy, which you may or may not know was aptly named by the oh so smart ladies at STR after Wendy's cat, Lucy. Gorgeous, no?

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Now, I don't normally ask for custom dyes, but in this case, I was running out of options. See, I have been working on a secret project for a very special person in my life. Someone who has been my best friend and support system since, well, forever. This person, therefore, deserves a very special project. So, I choose the chevron scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and picked up two skeins of STR in Chapman Springs and Garnet Dreams. Well, when I started to knit these two yarns together, I wasn't pleased with the results and went in search of something that would offer more contrast compared with the Chapman Springs. I didn't find anything on either the Bluemoon or the Fold Website, so I decided to see if I could get a custom dye and the ladies at STR came through for me. All that remains now is to frog the scarf and re-start it in the new colors.

Trish's Blog Pictures -  April 25, 2007 012

See what I mean? Muddy on the one end. Don't worry, soon I will have photos to show you of something decidely un-muddy.

As well, the order of Duet sock yarn that I bought last week came in. Amazing, no? This yarn is so vibrant and soft. I can't wait to see how it knits up. I promise a full review as soon as I get some of the other things off my needles. Oh and how cute is the little sock blocker? This came as a gratis gift. Too cute!!


And, last, but not least, I was at SnB night the other night and happened to be persuaded to buy 2 skeins of Tofutsies. Now, I have heard such great things about this yarn and the fact that it contains chitin swayed me. Not to mention the colors... so cool. They seem variegated and yet not. Its also amazingly soft and plushy - almost like velvet. I can't wait to give a review of this yarn too.

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Ok, now comes the embarrassing part. I still am waiting on at least 3 more shipments of yarn to come in. I know. I know. I am actually turning red thinking about it. But, honestly, in my defense, it was all bought so quickly and when you are shopping online, it doesn't really seem real because of the waiting time between purchase and package. Right? So, it really comes as a shock when all of the packages seem to arrive at the same time. That's when it becomes a problem.

Also, in my defense, most of the rest of the yarn coming in has been earmarked for baby clothes and other various baby items. We have 3 babies arriving soon in this family and they will all need some togs to wear once they are here. Anyway, that's my story and I am sticking to it. I have officially put myself on a sock yarn diet, because although as we all know, sock yarn doesn't officially count as stash, but I am starting to admit to myself that maybe if sock yarn is the only thing you stash, it really does count.

I am also pledging to get rid of some of my sock yarn. In fact, if you click on the "destash" button in my sidebar, it will take you to the place that I do most of my destashing. It's a great site and the ladies that run it are amazing.

Of course, it was all put into perspective for me last night when Terra from SnB mentioned that she was over at another knitter's house the other day - apparently this knitter (who shall remain nameless) has two rooms of her house that are dedicated solely to her yarn... who knew? Maybe my addiction isn't really that bad... right? right?


Australoknitticus said...

I can help you justify and/or rationalize. Just give me a while and I'm sure I'll find a loophole for you somewhere. I've discovered that just because you purchase something for a future present for someone, sometimes at a later date it becomes obvious that it really doesn't "suit" them at all. Sometimes it's much more appropriate for you to keep it.

Lucy said...

Don't worry about the stash, embrace it! I know sometimes it's hard to justify but if you let it go and realize that this is something that makes you happy then there can't be anything bad about it. Besides you are pregnant and there are so many things you can't have (alcohol, soft cheese, raw sushi, blah, blah) why not do a little over indulging in yarn?

Are you using the light weight sock from STR for your chevron scarf? I'm still trying to pick my colours...I love them all!

shhh it's a secret said...

hi! your secret sockapalooza pal here! just want to say your daughter, ADORABLE! That picture where she is kissing your tummy, Hallmark worthy... just wondering if you know the sex of the baby or not...hope everything is well!