Saturday, May 26, 2007

Small Progress

I have been working on mainly smaller projects lately because of the intense fatigue that I am finding goes along with creating a human. You would think that would make for fast knits, but sadly, this doesn't seem to be the case. I have made some progress on the Lily Petal Jays that I was working on, but I feel like they possibly won't be done in time to make the SAM3 KAL for May. I am going to try to push through the next few days and get them off the needles asap.

Trish's Blog Pictures -  May 26, 2007 003

Its taken me this long to admit to myself that I may have taken on a bit more than I can handle as far as knitting projects go; especially given my ever looming due date and the things that also need to be done around the house to prepare for the new babe. I currently have to finish:

  • a chevron scarf to finish for the end of July (although this was originally intended for Mother's day)

  • another pair of socks (Trekking XXL) for the same time

  • Baby projects out the wazoo (no pun intended, heh) which all need to be ready for mid-July

  • a pair of socks for my sockapalooza pal for the beginning of August

  • finishing on the Monica tank that I knitted for Bunny to go in her "Big sister kit" for when the baby arrives

  • a scarf that I have been working on as a store sample for Make1

  • and finally... a sock that I am working on for Make1... that has *gulp* somehow disappeared. It just walked off. Luckily, it's in a plastic bag so it won't come undone. I think it's probably in my car as I have been knitting on it during my lunch hours in an attempt to get it done as quickly as possible. Have no fear, I will find it this weekend and plan to have it done for Tuesday knit night.

I must admit that the projects I am finding most enjoyable lately are for baby... go figure. They are quick to knit and are such a change from socks! I have some trouble justifying buying an entire sweater's worth of yarn for me, but somehow buying for the babe is no problem. I am working on the Sirdar pattern that I talked about in a recent blog post and it's flying along. I finished the back in record time and am slowly working on the front cabled piece (this thing has about 8 different types of cables!) but I have forced myself to put it on hold until the socks get done. Must resist baby cuteness...

Trish's Blog Pictures -  May 26, 2007 005

And, speaking of cuteness...

Trish's Blog Pictures -  May 26, 2007 001

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shhh it's a secret said...

I love those socks! Beautiful! but now, lets get down to business. I love the idea of making you knee socks, especially since you live in Canada and it gets cold there, so I've heard, but I was thinking about it, I need your calf size! Also, i think I am going to need how long from the knee to your heel. If you could get me that information I will be glad to start working on your socks. I have the pattern made, just need to make the socks. Thanks a bunch!