Monday, November 12, 2007

Not Gauge

So, let's face it, gauge is important. Right? Well, yeah. So, what I am going to tell you next is going to make you cringe. I never swatch. Nope, never. Therefore, I have no idea if I have gauge or not when making anything. No seriously.

Ok, let me explain. Most of what I make is baby/child clothes. I have two girls who are five years apart. Therefore, if it doesn't fit one, it's bound to fit the other some time. I also make socks. Socks generally are worked on a fairly standard number of stitches; therefore no gauge needed there either. And, up until just recently, I didn't make sweaters. Nope. Never.

Until now. Enter Emerald. So pretty. So soft. And, knit on such freakin big needles that I am having trouble getting gauge. I have tried going up an entire needle size (and trust me that's a huge difference between US 10 and 11). Luckily, the designer of the pattern is also my LYS owner, so after a quick call to her (and a brief refresher in how gauge works) and things are back on track. Hopefully.


I must admit, I am still nervous. It seems as though it may be just me overthinking things here, but sweaters have so many things which can go horribly wrong. The fit might not be right. The sleeves might be too short or too long. The dang thing might end up way too short. And, things like waist shaping and sort rows for the collar may not end up in the right place.
I love this sweater. I love the yarn. Please, Sweater Gods, help me to make this sweater fit perfectly.


Oh yeah, next post? Another unauthorized review of Cat Bordhi's new book and possibly a secret to share...


haze said...

Stick with it, fearless sweater knitter. I love the color & pattern, and can't wait to see it.

p.s. when you said Cat Bordhi I immediately thought you meant that Kat woman from LA Ink (or is it Miami?) and that you're getting some slammin' tattoo ...then I checked the link ;-P

Poltzie said...

A secret!! I love secrets, well except that I actually hate them!! Please tell me early what it is, please, please!!

Kayla J said...

First off, let me just say I was just coming on to harrass you about not posting recently. I can because I just posted today. ;)

Second: Oh, Trish! I LOVE your Emerald! It's so ... emerald!!! LOL! How beautiful!!!

As for the secret and the review, I'll be anxiously awaiting it.