Thursday, November 01, 2007

Random Thing Thursday

Just a few random things this Thursday to report.

1. Halloween was a hit at our house. I have one very satisfied and sugar bombed Turtle to prove it. Bunny & Daddy stayed out for an hour and a half(!) and only came home because the bag (and Daddy's pockets) was too full to shove any more candy into. Of course, Mommy took her usual cut of the candy...


2. The first Endpaper Mitt is almost off the needle. As soon as I have an hour to myself (and by this I mean without any children or Husband around), the tubular castoff will be learned, memorized, and completed and the next mitt will jump its way onto my needles. Wish me luck in finding that elusive hour...

3. I have a number of small things to finish on the baby cardi's I am working on. Steam blocking is required in one case - heh. What I want to know is who actually steam blocks a baby cardigan?!? Silly pattern designers.


4. I am working on a secret pattern design that may be avaliable soon to the general public. Can't discuss it just yet though. Stay tuned...

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Australoknitticus said...

I'm putting in my official request for the daily Bunny-ism to be added to the blog... (Unless you're eating cheese and it's just toooo hard.) Hee.