Monday, April 17, 2006

And the beat goes on...

Well, I have been somewhat remiss in posting to my blog, but that is soon to change. I am going to try very very very hard to post at least once a project so that I have some record of what I am doing and so that I can leave some instructions to myself when I abandon yet another project for something more fun. I have a terrible tendency to do that and then when I want to come back to a project, I find that I can't remember where I was in the pattern and end up frogging the whole dang thing.

Well, since I have come back to Calgary, I have been working on:

This is a baby blanket that I am trying very hard to finish even though the stitch pattern is pretty boring. I couldn't find a nice pattern for the yarn that I was working with and I got frustrated with trying to find something I liked, so I cast on and started working a 4k, 4p stitch. It knits up quickly with 2 strands each of shimmer-y baby yarn and I think it will be a big hit with my co-worker. I have until September to finish so as long as I stick with it, I may just get it done on time.

I am also working on a scarf for my mom for her birthday in July. I know-- so odd to be making a scarf for July, but what the hell, she needs a new scarf and the way that the weather is around here, she may just need it then :) It has snowed here before. I am using the "good 'ol cabled scarf pattern" and Peruvian baby alpaca from It knits up nice and so super soft

I can't wait to see the look on her face when I give it to her. I hope it flattens out more when I block it. The pattern called for worsted weight yarn and this is dk weight, but in the spirit of de-stashing a little (to make room for something new of course) I thought it might be fine since gauge isn't all that important when making a scarf... I will post some pics once it is blocked.

I am also working on Calla in super 10 cotton. I have just finished the ribbing at the bottom, but as soon as I have something done, I will post pictures of my progress. I actually cast this on two days ago, but had to frog some because I couldn't figure out what "work stitches as they lay" meant. It finally came to me and I am off and flying now...

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