Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Today I fell off a Segway

Seriously. I went out to do a field visit and one of my members has a segway and let me try it. They are uber cool and very amazing things, but wow, they have a lot of power if you are not used to them. I was trying to "park" it and I somehow got my hand stuck while it was going around in a circle and then I was on the floor! It was so funny, I have been laughing all day.

Other than that, I have no real knitting content for today. I am still working on the scarf that I have been making for mom's b-day and will be starting on the Calla tank as soon as it is done (as long as nothing else catches my eye first).

Terry has also said that it is ok if I get a spinning wheel, so I will be making my way out to Cochrane this weekend to buy and Ashford Traveller from Legacy Studios.

I am pretty excited since it comes with free lessons. I think that I will be spinning yarn in no time. As soon as I get it, I will post a picture.

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