Sunday, July 16, 2006

6 More days...

The final countdown has begun. We are finally starting to feel as though we may make it out of this house and into the new one without losing our sanity. Although, I must say, its been a bit of a ride. The movers that hubby has hired don't speak much English, which in and of itself is fine. But, when you combine that with the fact that they don't offer a contract, and are coming the second last day before we must be out of this house and it gets a little more nerve racking. Oh, and they are booked for 2pm on Saturday. So, if they fail to show, we will be running around like chickens trying to move everything by ourselves in one day... Scary stuff. Let's hope that all this worrying pays off and I have only good things to blog about next weekend.

Yesterday we had our token garage sale. You know, the one that you have as soon as you realize just how much crap you actually do have that you really don't want to have to move. So, I sat out in the hot sun (and it was hot) and sold off all of the stuff we had bought at previous garage sales. I got one heck of a sun burn, but it was totally worth it. We made a whopping $175.00 (and we only sold half of our stuff!). I figure I will need some serious yarn therapy to relieve the pain of my sunburn.
I also got to knit for 6 hours on and off between the swarms of people driving up to pay us money for all the stuff we didn't want anymore. So, here is the obligiatory pic of me working on the Knit Picks socks. I am doing them using a pattern called "the Ultimate Re-footable Sock" and am making a pair of camping socks for a friend of mine who wears only socks while camping. This way, I figure if she wears out the soles, I can just re-knit them for her and she will be good to go.

I also feel like we are getting closer to having everything packed up. Although, I am starting to wonder why we have all these boxes of stuff when it seems painfully obvious that we can do without them. I mean, all this stuff has been boxed up for 2 or 3 weeks now and I honestly can't even remember what was in them. Maybe it will be like Christmas when we open them again.

Let's see, what else? Oh yes, we went to the flooring place Friday. Squee!! We picked out a carpet sample and the hardwood sample too. We are going with a chocolate colored carpet in the family room and Maple hardwood in the rest of the house. I can't wait. I really think that once we get the carpets up and all the painting and new flooring in, it will all come together nicely.

I think that I will be spending much of this week packing and working on my design project. I can't wait to get that done. I just wish that I had more time to work on it. There are truly not enough hours in the day! And, just because, I will leave you with some pics of the sock yarn that I got last Thursday at Make One Yarn Studio. Thursdays truly are for sock yarn...

See the purple/green sock yarn on the bottom? I think that this yarn wants to be a pair of Jaywalker socks. I am almost sure of it. As for the orange/red and the green/pink colors, I just don't know yet. They haven't asked to be anything specific. If you have any ideas, let me know. I am sure that in time, all will be revealed. I am going now to pack the extra clothes in my closet and then to pack the extra food in our pantry. Boxes and boxes and more boxes...

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