Sunday, July 02, 2006

Moving is Consuming my Life

I feel as though we have been moving for the last 5 years. Seriously. Everywhere I go is in disarray and its makin me crazy!! See what I am talking about?? Horrible mess everywhere. Whose big idea was it to move anyway?? Mine??

I must have been out of my mind. Agh. And the worst part? It's only going to get worse. Bah. See all the stuff in the picture with the table? That's all the crap in our house that needs to be garage sale'd. Seriously, just how many empty cd cases does one person need? Not to mention all the weird and ugly coffee cups that we seem to have collected. Very, very strange. I have no idea how all this crap got into our house. Must have been before I moved in. And what's with all the knickety-knackety crap that was caught hiding in drawers, closets, and, believe it or not, under the sink? I hate hate hate knicknacks. Even the word makes me cringe. Dust collectors. And, I just realized that the move is taking over my life so much that it is taking over my knitting blog too.

Let's fix that. We now interrupt your regularly scheduled moving bitch session to bring you some knitting commentary. First of all, I am loving the knit design class I am taking. The gals at Make One Yarn Studio have been absolutely amazing and so helpful. I am taking the class under Amy Swenson and she is so talented! What I am designing will be revealed in good time, however, I will say this, it is cranberry, a garment and will have a band of some sort under the bust. I wanted to post a picture of the gauge swatch that I made, but I couldn't get it to load for some reason, so there you have it. Hopefully by next week, I hope to have the band part finished, but right now I am stuck on what to do with it. I have spent the last 2 days pouring over my stitch a day calendar and Nicky Epstein's "Knitting On the Edge", but so far nothing seems just right. I sent Terry out to get "Knitting Over the Edge". Hopefully inspiration will strike and the band will be finished by Thursday. I promise to post more about the knitting and designing, rather than the moving next time. I promise.

Ok, I have taken my well-earned 15 minutes. Back to packing and intermittent swearing.

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