Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Weird? Moi?

OK, as usual, I am the last to the party again. I was late with Clapotis, I was late with Jaywalkers, and I am going to be late to the six weird things meme. But, better late than never right?? So, without further ado... Six weird things about me:

1. I love sushi. Love it. But, I hate fish. Hate it. Raw fish? Gag. So, when I go for sushi, I order without fail, a green salad, assorted tempura (I like the sweet potato best), a California roll, and a tempura shrimp roll. That's it. Just enough food and no raw fish.

2. I go down stairs sideways. I never had good enough balance to go down forwards. I have tried it and I always feel like I am going to fall on my face.

3. I hate feet. They gross me out. I have always hated feet. I hate the way they look and I hate the way they feel. I won't touch any other feet and the thought of touching my own makes me gag. I never paint my toenails and I feel inexplicably sorry for the person who does my pedicures. I know it's my issue, but I still apologize the whole time I get a pedicure. Strangely enough though, I think my daughter has the cutest feet on the planet and I have no issues touching her feet at all.

4. I have huge and inexplicable fears of a good number of things. I am afraid of sharks, birds and dead things. The thought of any of these things makes me shudder. I have been afraid of all three for as long as I can remember and am not likely to get over any of them any time soon.

5. I am a super light sleeper. I can only fall asleep if there is absolutely no noise whatsoever. I can, however, fall asleep with all the lights on. I also wake up several times during the night and always at the same time.

6. I have almost no sweet tooth. I never eat cupcakes, cake, ice cream, and almost all types of pudding (except rice pudding and bread pudding). I made my mother crazy growing up because she would bake a cake every year for my birthday and I would never eat it. I also prefer hot food to cold food every time (except for sushi for some reason).

That's it. Six weird things. All about me. Next post - some pics of the new scarf and two new pairs of socks that I have been knitting.

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