Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Yarn... and another year older

New yarn!! I recently found Yarn Pirate's ETSY shop (who doesn't love etsy?) for hand dyed yarn and found two new colors that I just loved. One color that I bought through a different site is called Malamute and I am still waiting for it in the mail along with a skein from Zen Yarns and something else (can't recall the name at the moment). However, I did receive a skein of the Yarn Pirate swag yesterday and I absolutely adore it!! The colorway is "Mermaid" and the name is very apropos. It's a very subtle mix of greens, silver, blues, and is very soft and shimmery. A 50/50 merino blend makes for a very shiny and strong yarn. I can't wait to knit it up and since this is the year of the sock, I hope I get to it very quickly. For some reason, I am not wanting to wait to knit this up at all. Ohhh... shiny.

Ok, so, I am turning 29 on Sunday and I am starting to feel a little... well... old. Sort of like my young-ish exterior is starting to crack and the old is coming through. I feel like time is starting to slip away... My kid is already 4. I have another one on the way and soon I will be 30. 30 is old. So old. Ok, maybe not that old, compared to say, 50, but it sounds old to me. I have always had this feeling that I stopped aging at around 24. Every time someone asks me how old I am, I always have to stop and think because my first instinct is always to answer 24. And, the other thing I realized about this birthday is that I am deliriously happy with my life. When someone asks me what I would like, I can actually think of nothing that I need to make my life complete. I have everything I need. Weird isn't it? Not to be able to think of a single thing that one wants? Ok, there is one thing. A healthy baby. But, that isn't a real birthday gift is it? And it pretty much goes without saying. I suppose if I could choose one other thing, it would be my own yarn store. But, I doubt I will ever have that and it's more of a life goal than anything right? So, I suppose if pressed I would have to say yarn. Yarn works well. If in doubt, a skein or two of sock yarn will not go unloved. A safe bet to be sure.

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