Thursday, June 07, 2007

Babies Everywhere

Another day and another baby project done. Seems like there are babies coming out of the woodwork these days. So, because we know for sure that there are two baby girls in the family (one of which arrived last week and the other is still baking - due in September), I have spent some time knitting some pink things. Pink things are cute. Baby things are cute. Pink baby things are uber cute.

Trish's Blog Pictures -  June 7, 2007 001
Pattern: 5 Hour Baby Sweater (Last Minute Knitted Gifts) & Ruffled Hat
Yarn: Mission Falls Worsted in Raspberry
Needles: Size 10.5 US (sweater) & 9 US (hat)
Size: Newborn
Modifications: None

I also stopped off at my not-so-local yarn store on my way home from a meeting in that area of town and picked up some of the things that I can't get at my fave LYS. I got a Phildar pattern book with some itty bitty and not so itty bitty patterns for Bunny and the new bean. The cool thing is that the book has a hooded jacket that I can make in sizes which will fit both kidlets. And, before anyone comments, yes, I realize that this makes me one of those moms. I know and yet, I don't care. Matching stuff is dorky, but cute. I promise not to knit a ton of these. Don't want to mess up the kids forever.
Trish's Blog Pictures -  June 7, 2007 006 Trish's Blog Pictures -  June 7, 2007 005

I am planning to make the baby size in Butterfly Super 10 Cotton that I bought today at the not so local LYS and the big girl version in some Sari cotton that I have hanging around from a sweater I sent to the frog pond.

Otherwise, one week of work left before I can start living at my LYS and knitting all day... I can't wait.


Australoknitticus said...

Cute little pinkling things!

shhh it's a secret said...

okay, because of your title i have to ask this: have you seen the nutrigrain commercial? it is online somewhere and in it there is a woman that says "babies everywhere" you can see what i am asking...just wondering, if not, you should try to find it! it is amusing!
<3 your sock pal!