Friday, June 15, 2007

It's Good to be Free

I am done work as of 4PM today. I almost can't believe it. What a serious marathon - between trying to make sure my workload is going to be covered, to packing up my office and getting things in order for the person who will be taking over my office in the time that I am gone - life has been hectic and stressful. Blissfully, it is all done and I can now focus on my family.

And, I have been knitting, but only working on small things for the last while. I have so many projects to start working on, but have felt unable to meet the task of committing myself to something larger. I have, however, been using Ravelry to the fullest to keep track of all the projects that I want to get started on. If you are a knitter, then you will no doubt be aware of the amazing genius that is Ravelry. Truly, this site is like Facebook for fiber artists! It also keeps track of my works in progress; one of which is a rolled neck sweater for the new baby.

Trish's RavelryBlog Pictures -  June 14, 2007 003

I am making this out of Dream In Color Classy yarn in the Deep Seaflower colorway and although the picture doesn't actually show it, I am finished the sleeves and am just putting on the neck finishing. It was an easy, somewhat mindless knit, which was exactly what I needed right now. I loved this yarn, it was so soft and really squishy, but am thinking I might buy some Lorna's Laces Worsted to make a second one. I would really like to see this in something a little less muted.

I really only have one other active project on the needles right now. The Scokapalooza4 socks are to be done for August 2 and I intend to meet this deadline. Of course, what with the baby on the way, I really only have until mid July (if all goes according to plan), so I have been working here and there on the socks that I picked for my partner. I was originally going to choose a pattern from the Interweave sock book that came out this year, but after hearing such good things about Monkey, I changed my mind. Monkey it is. And, I really do think the Monkey pattern sets off the Mama e C*EYE*ber Fiber yarn that I am using.

Trish's RavelryBlog Pictures -  June 14, 2007 012

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Australoknitticus said...

YAY! Freedom! Well for you anyway...