Friday, July 06, 2007


Not here. I am still waiting. Now, granted, this baby has 11 days left before I begin jumping up and down to force the baby out, but there doesn't seem to be much happening here. Of course, my OBGYN has ordered me to do some walking, but who wants to walk in this heat?? Good grief. Too hot.

Even the knitting is slowing down. I am working on a new pair of socks out of Art Yarns Ultramerino 4. I love this yarn. I realized the other day that I own enough Ultramerino to make 8 pairs of socks and I have never actually knit anything with it. Silly me. So, when I was at my LYS the other day, I found myself buying 4 more skeins of this yummy yarn. I cast on as soon as I got home and fell in love. The colors are vibrant, the yarn itself is soft and squishy and it knits like a dream.

Otherwise, I also cast on for a new dress for Bunny. It seems as though she was feeling a smidge left out and is now a little happier that she has something coming off of my needles in the next little while. I am also making some progress on the entrelac baby blanket, but since neither of these projects have been worked on enough to make for a good picture, I will hold off on a pic until there is something interesting to photograph.

Oh, and daytime television bites... Ugh. How do people stay home all day and watch this crap??


Gina said...

I think I might love the Ultramerino 4 the best of all. Something about the twist makes it wonderful and the colours are simply amazing! I covet (really like) the blue/brown you chose. Enjoy this last little while with baby inside. Soon enough you'll welcome a new little one. Blessings Trish.

Bubblesknits said...

Bless your heart! I remember when I was pregnant with my oldest this time of year. My doc gave me the same suggestion. When I got desperate enough, I went to a local grocery store and just wandered the aisles. LOL Good luck!

Australoknitticus said...

That's why DVDs of good TV were invented. I read somewhere that eggplant parmigiana can help, but I don't know if it's reached that stage yet. :-) How did your exam go?

Mikki said...

Okay, I don't know your, um, relationship situation, but I have a suggestion. What got you into this will get you out. ;), nudge, ;) Prostaglandins.

Love the yarn. Great colors. Don't rush the little one. It will arrive when all is ready. Blessings, Mikki