Wednesday, July 18, 2007

True Friends...

Are very hard to come by. I am so lucky to have the wonderful group of friends that I have made at my Tuesday night knitting group! Last night (on my "official" due date), I decided that instead of sitting at home in the plus 30 degree heat, I would head down to my LYS and join the SnB that I have been a regular at for the last six months or so.

Let me tell you, these ladies are the best! This is the combined effort of many knitters who have made mitered squares out of their left over sock yarn. Then, Michelle collected, blocked and sewed the squares together and sent it over to Liza who completed the blanket by attaching the amazing flannelet backing. The result? A perfect little heirloom. Lucky me!! Thanks ever so much ladies!! You all are the best.

I have also been working on some of my own projects while I wait for baby to arrive. I am halfway done one of the dresses that I am working on for Bunny. I am designing this dress out of some Sari cotton and Elann Sonata and I think she will love it once it is done.

And, in a fit of start-itis, I also cast on for another dress for her which she can wear to a wedding we are attending at the end of August. The pattern is Crumpets and it was designed by Libby Baker. I absolutely love this pattern and it's my first time knitting with beads. It's simple enough that it doesn't require too much thought, but still interesting enough to hold my attention. I am not enjoying using the Cotton Ease. It seems to be rather sticky to knit with and somewhat splitty, but for the price and wash ability, it can't be beat. Plus, Bunny picked out the color and I have to admit, it does look nice with the beads.

Otherwise, there is still no baby. I do have a dr.'s appointment today, so I may have more news after that. Stay tuned.


carmelclose said...

Easy to be a true friend to ya hon! Hang in there and best of luck with the Bean!! We'll miss ya if you cant make it next Tuesday but we can always have a "Knit In" in the foyer of the hospital!!

Gina said...

Hey Trish... just hang in there. No one ever stayed pregnant forever. Watch out for the induction pressure though. As long as you and babe are healthy there's really no need to meddle.

Morgan said...

The blanket turned out great and I am SO glad you got it before the baby came!!

You are in my thoughts