Saturday, September 01, 2007

Wild Monkeys (all worn out)

Well, we went to the wedding this weekend and while it was a wonderful affair, I am extremely tired and so is Husband. And the kids? Exhausted. Seriously. They actually slept all the way home which gave Husband and I an hour and a half of relative relaxation.

Trish's Ravelry Pictures - September 1, 2007 004 Trish's Ravelry Pictures - September 1, 2007 005

It was quite the weekend, between trying to pack for four people, making sure the formal clothes, gift and all baby/ child related accessories made it to the hotel for the Big Night. No small feat, let me tell you. And, forgetting anything was not an option as the hotel was an hour and a half away!

So, given the fact that I was responsible for packing everything, making sure that all four people were properly outfitted and on time for every part of the evening, this should explain why I didn't get a single picture taken of anything all night. Nope. Not a one. Jeez. Not a single picture of the happy couple, not a picture of the beautiful venue, and most upsetting, not a single picture of Hubby, myself, or the kids. Sigh. Fortunately, I am almost positive that the good friends that were there with us did take copious photos of the evening, so, hopefully one of them took a photo of the dress I made for Bunny. I will let you know soon.

Otherwise, I completely missed the deadline to get my SAM4 KAL socks in for August. I should have them done in a few days, which I guess will make them September's socks. Oh well. I really wanted a pair of Monkey's for myself since I sent my last pair to my Sockapalooza4 buddy. I did a search on Ravelry and stumbled across the most beautiful pair of Monkey socks, which were knit using April's Rockin' Sock Club yarn. Totally amazing.

Trish's Ravelry Pictures - September 1, 2007 001

I do have a photo of the first finished sock on my Ravelry site, but, I really wanted show the close up of the slip stitch heel, which I find to be the perfect heel for most cuff down socks. This type of heel is much stronger than the average stockinette or short row heel, and in my opinion, produces a very neat pattern because of the slipped stitches. Basically, when you work a heel like this, instead of knitting all the stitches on the knit rows, you slip every second stitch purl wise. And, you purl all stitches on the purl side.

I am calling these socks my Wild Monkey's as the colorway for April was "Walkin on the Wild Tide". Pictures of the finished socks as soon as they are done. Although, Bunny starts Kindergarten on Tuesday (gasp) so, hopefully I can see to knit through my tears... my little girl is soooooo big!

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