Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Terry got a new job!! And, as a result, I have been away for a while because the guy and I have been shopping. Big shopping. Big big shopping. The kind of shopping that makes your financial advisor call you to ask what's going on...

We bought a big screen tv. A BIG SCREEN tv. 45 inches of pure evil. All I can think about is going home to watch it. Actually, it is really nice, I have to admit, but now it makes me want to finish our basement that much faster so that I am able to move the dang thing out of our living room.

I also bought something for me. (drum roll please). I got an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel. I wanted to document its arrival the moment I brought it home with pictures galore, but I got so busy spinning on it and totally neglected to take pictures. So, here is post, sans pictures. I love it, I really do. Its soooo beautiful and runs like an absolute dream. I am still working away trying to perfect my spinning, but I do have one full bobbin of very wonky yarn and am working away at making another so I can practice plying. I don't know if I am weird or what, but I am finding it easier to spin very fine yarn, while making it thicker seems very tough to me. I also spent a few hours dying (and then subsequently cleaning up all the dye that ran across the counter) some white roving that I bought off of eBay last year. Some turned out very nice in variegated orange/ yellow and pink shades, some turned out ok in a nice vibrant green, and some looks like cat hairballs in an odd shade of black with pink and blue pieces. I will use those first to practice if they aren't felted too much as I forgot about them and they boiled. Blech.

I am also having mondo problems with Calla. Somehow, I dropped a stitch or did one too many p2tog and am now short a stitch. The biggest problem is that I don't have a clue where and I can't keep going because all the yo's are off. I am determined to fix it at lunch today so that I can move on.

Otherwise, all is well here. The bean is starting to feel better and I am happy. Life is good.

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