Friday, June 30, 2006

I am busy. So busy in fact, that finding time to blog has been difficult. Packing, setting up movers, work, getting the stuff for the lawyer and insurance on the new home, and now the knitwear design course that I am taking has been super duper hectic and taking up all of my time. Such little time.

What am I working on now you ask?? I am making a new a-line tunic shirt for my knitwear design course, making a pair of socks out of knitpicks memories sock yarn in the Cape Cod colorway. And, I have my 3 skiens of Lorna's Laces in the Black Purl colorway (inspired by Johnny Depp's movie - Pirates of the Caribbean - Curse of the Black Pearl) with which to make Clapotis and I am waiting on the 10 skiens of Rowan Cotton 4 Ply in Ripple that I ordered for the Lucky Lace Wrap from SnB Nation.

So, as soon as that arrives, I suppose I will promptly pack it up and put it into the yarn box so that it will arrive at the new house when we move. I feel as though I have too many projects on my plate at the moment frankly, and need to slow down a bit. I think I may be taking too much on and am getting more and more stressed by the day. I simply can not keep up with packing, moving, work, and all the knitting I would like to do. Not to mention the fact that we are trying to squeeze in family and friend visits between now and the move and trying to think about planning for the flooring, painting, and Kalika's birthday in between. Sigh.

On the upside, I am working very diligently at making myself feel better. I have booked a spa appointment for tomorow at Oasis spa and will be getting the "Raindrop Therapy". Described on their website:

Like drops of rain, nine essential oils are applied along the spine. Each oil is layered one upon the other. Your back massage is completed with a hot compress treatment. Your legs are treated to essential oils and massage as well. Toxins are released and the immune system is boosted.

Pure yummm... I will float back home feeling renewed and re-energized right??

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