Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Here we are...

Ok, so we are out in Invermere on holidays and the unthinkable has happened. I have run out of projects. To be totally honest, I have run out of UFO's. I really didn't think that I would have so much time on my hands and so I only brought two UFO's -- my Mom's smock stitch scarf and Bunny's felted clogs. They are both done and have turned out so nicely.

Patterns: Fiber Trends Felted Clogs -- Children
Yarn: Miss Piggy
Yarn Source: Make One Yarn Studio
Needles: US size 13 (9mm)
UnfeltedGauge: 9st/4 inch over stockinette stitch
Felted Gauge: 12st/4 inch
Modifications: None

I really enjoyed making the felted clogs. They were a quick knit and easy to do. I think that they took all of about 4 hours total to make, including the felting. And, they will be super warm for Bunny this winter. She was so happy that she got to pick out the yarn and helped to felt them as well.

I will be able to put up some pics of the scarf later in the week since I also forgot to bring a crochet hook so that I could add the fringe. I am at a loss today as to what to knit next. I have the yarn and needles to make the Jaywalker socks, but I am having trouble with figuring out what size to knit. I think that given the fact that my calves are fairly um... shapely and my feet are quite narrow, I will need to knit the leg with size 0 needles and knit the foot with size 1's. That way they will fit right. Here's hoping anyway.

So, I am still without a project. No socks, no Fetchings because Mom wants a hat with the leftover yarn I was going to use to knit them and nothing else. I really needed to bring some more yarn, but honestly, when I set out, it really did seem as though I had more than I could ever knit in the week.

I am also a little sad today as this is the last day we have here at the cabin. We Albertan's are so lucky to live both so close to the mountains and some great Canadian lakes as well. Granted, they are nothing like the beaches that you see from destinations around the world, such as Hawaii, but the hiking and mountain biking here is second to none. So far on this vacation, we have hiked to a waterfall (Bunny is just 4 and she hiked the whole 5k!), been to the beach, been mini golfing, and today we are planning to go go-karting. This will be Bunny's first time go-karting so I think it will be well worth the inflated prices that these places always charge.

I am also a little happy today given the fact that when we get home the carpets are scheduled to get ripped out and the new ones will be going in. And shortly after that, the hardwood will be going in and then, I think that Bunny's cough and drippy nose will clear right up. Which, as far as I am concerned is the best justification for the high cost of having all the new stuff put in. The added bonus is the fact that they were so disgusting before and now we will have clean carpet, free from stains. I am also super excited to see how the new commercial carpet will be. Doesn't that say something about how old one is when they get excited about carpet?? Jeez.

Oh, I did forget to mention something else exciting... I am taking two new classes within the next few weeks. On August 30, I am taking a toe up sock class at Make One and on Sept 9, I am taking an intermediate spinning class at Shuttleworks. I am really looking forward to the toe up sock class as I am hoping that it will help me perfect my short row shaping and, I will be able to master the provisional cast on as I did spend a day trying to learn it and got fed up with it. As well, the spinning class will be fun as we will be learning how to spin knot yarns and boucle and what not. I am really glad that I don't have to teach myself to spin boucle. I will however, be spending the next (and last) week of my holidays working on my spinning technique so that I am ready for the class. I was planning on working on my UFO's, but since those are mostly done, I guess that I will just have to start some new projects. I do have some ideas for a new wrap/scarf and for a new vest, I just need to find the materials.

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