Monday, August 07, 2006

Sweet Georgia....

Yarn!!! Sigh... My first purchase of this fantastic yarn from Vancouver. I can't believe that I was able to get my hands of this fantastic stuff. Can you believe that I had nver even heard of this yarn until Make One Yarn studio opened here in Calgary? And, it is better than imagined.

It's not only softer than buttah, the colors are so rich and vibrant. In short, Sweet Georgia Yarn is the bombdiggity and I lurve it!

Oh, and the house is coming along nicely. We have almost finished setting up the kitchen and yesterday, I not only bought new kitchen accessories in greens & beiges, but I also cooked our very first dinner in the new house. Not a super gourmet meal, but it was nice to eat something not deep fried or sandwiched between a bun with catsup on it.

Want to see a picture?? Nice eh? Loving it.

We are still waiting on flooring, but hopefully that won't be too far off. I can't wait to get that in so that we can start decorating. We leave on holidays tomorrow and are gone until the 18th. It will be so nice to have some time off of work and finally get some f/o's up here. It feels like seriously forever since I have had anything to take pictures of. I am, however, super close to finishing the baby blanket that I have been working on forever. What is it about big projects like that? They are never ending.

I am also very stuck on the tunic top I am designing. I need to sit down all by me onesies and think on the sleeve decreases. I know I need to go from 40 st to 19 on the sleeve caps, but how to do it? Maybe I will have some inspiration once my life slows down a bit and I have some time to reflect on everything. Sounds deep doesn't it?

Otherwise, wish me a happy vacation and look forward to some f/o's once I return.

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