Monday, August 21, 2006

Renovations. Period.

Ok, so, for those simply interested in knitting, please note, the knitting content will return soon. I promise.

For those wondering what's happening on the home front, boy do I have news for you. This is not what I had planned to be doing on a Sunday afternoon, the day after my BIL's wedding. However, what I planned to do and what I ended up doing are two completely different things.

Maybe I should start from the beginning. Yesterday, the in-laws came over for a visit. They actually came to see the new house. So after giving them the grand walking tour, I casually mentioned that the flooring guys were coming this week (side note: Yahoo!!!) and that we were thinking about taking out the ugly old 80's style banister in our living room before they came, but hadn't really gotten up the chutzpah to take out the railing. To make a long story short, the railing came out. This is what ensued:

Here we are contemplating the railing and then cutting it with the saw.

There it goes...

...and then it's gone.

Ok, so as if that wasn't shocking enough, we then discovered that a section of sub floor needed to be replaced. So, that came up too. Once we pulled up the sub floor, we discovered that it was right above the only portion of unfinished basement in the house.

So, now that we have a plan (and we do have a plan), Terry can start to work on it. He is really excited. I think that once it is finished, it will be amazing. The rough idea is that there will be a small sort-of-wall with three open spaces inside it that will be able to hold a vase, bowl or some sort of other decorative object. He also wants to put some lights in it at the top of each square so that the objects will have a spot light. Et Voila... art! Neat huh?

Oh and the best news of all?" The carpets come tomorrow!! The carpets come tomorrow!! The carpets come tomorrow!!! I am so happy, I could practically wet myself! But I won't. There is enough pee in these carpets already. I can't wait to get them out of here and have a house that doesn't smell like funk all the time. I will keep all up to date on the process of the carpet installation, the wall building and the overall renovations. Oh, and knitting will return sometime soon. I promise.

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