Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Universe tends to unfold as it should

Today I am happy. Do you ever have one of those days where all seems well in the Universe? Today is just such a day. The house is coming along nicely. The wall is half done. The floors are 3/4 done and the sectional for the family room has been ordered and is in the process of being custom made just for us. Bunny is happy and Hubby is happy too. Life is good. Here is a shot of the wall from the upside down. See the recessed lights? My Husband did that! I sometimes can't believe it either. And, he has built a very nice, up to code, stair too. He is a handy guy. I never knew.

We have an appointment with the flooring guy next week to discuss putting tile in the entry way. I have decided that we want to put slate in the step between the living room and dining room, simply because hardwood is slippery and this will decrease the chances of anyone falling and breaking their necks. But, of course, if we put in tile there, we will need to redo the tile in the foyer to match. So, therefore, the appointment with the flooring guy to pick out new tile. And, we got a quote for windows. So, we are having those done in the next month or so. My house is finally going to feel like my house. So much work, but so worth it.

I think I must be the last person ever to start Clapotis. But, in my defense, I hadn't found any fiber that made me think -- hey! That wants to be a Clapotis. I did buy some Lion & Lamb in Black Purl, but I wasn't dead set on making that into Clapotis. The last time that I was at Make One, however, I found the best Clapotis yarn ever! For my anniversary, bought me 3 skeins of Oban in Rock Grotto from Curious Creek. Oh My God.
This yarn makes my mouth water and my knees weak. And the saddest part, I am trying to get through Clapotis before the snow gets here and its taking me four times as long as it should because I have to keep petting it and I find myself lost in thought while I contemplate the way that the colors lay themselves out and interweave to create the most perfect Clapotis ever. Gush gush gush. Have I mentioned that I lurve it? I do.

I am also taking that toe up sock class from Amy at Make One. I am enjoying it, but I have to admit that I am having a time mastering the short row wraps. They are tough to spot and even tougher to pick up. But, I love the color of sock yarn I am using. It's Lorna's Laces in Hawaii. The color reminds me so much of our honeymoon and the 11 days that we spent there. I can't wait to go back! I would love to take Bunny the next time. I would post some pics of the socks that I started, but since they have just been started, there is not much to see. Next week I will post pics. I should be done the foot and ready to work on the heel by next Wednesday's class.

Bunny starts swimming lessons next Saturday. I can't wait. Hopefully she will learn to swim by the time the lessons are done. Oh, who am I kidding, I just hope that she actually gets into pool by herself. Heh. Otherwise Hubby will have to take swim lessons too. Funny.

I also had to frog my Fetchings and learned a very valuable lesson all at the same time. The lesson is this -- if you modify a pattern, write the dang modifications down! Especially if you have to make another matching item. I couldn't remember how many extra rows that I had added and where I added them. Therefore, frogged Fetchings. Rippit. Ribbit. Bah. I will start them again soon.

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