Wednesday, October 11, 2006

And more about me...

Well, the first contest of SP9 has been posted and here are my answers....

The question was; what is my favorite:

Actor - Anyone who knows me knows that JOHNNY DEPP makes me swoon. Literally. I would give my right arm for an evening alone with him. Sigh.
Actress - Stockard Channing. Seriously. I lurve her.
Animal - Cat. Who doesn't love cats? I know that there are people out there that hate cats. I Just. Don't. Get. This.
Band - The Philosopher Kings - who by the way, I have never seen live and I have loved them for years. But, they have just gotten back together and I am making it a goal to see them play this time.
Beverage - Cosmopolitan. Yummy. And pink. Oh, or Sangria.
Book - Anything by Diana Gabaldon or Wilbur Smith. I really dig historical fiction.
Bubble Bath - I don't get bubble bath. I just don't.
Candy - I am also not a huge candy person. Give me a big ol basket of fries any day over candy.
Color - Any and all. Except, maybe, neon or pastels.
Flower - Red Calla lilies. And, yes, I know they don't grow that color.
Food - See, now this is a tough question. I like most food equally. I think if I had to choose though, I would say sushi.
Lip Balm - Burts Bees or anything from Lush.
Lotion - Bedhead Lotion in Oatmeal Cookie
Movie - Six Degrees of separation. Nobody but me has ever seen this movie though. I think I must have been one of only 10 people that have ever watched it. Of course, now they have a new tv show out on Wednesday nights that is based on this way cool movie that no one has ever watched.
Song - How do you have a favorite song? There are so many great songs out there...
TV Show - Lost or ER or Prison Break or Men in Trees or Gilmore Girls or Heroes or... Ya, we watch a lot of tv.
Vacation Spot - Hawaii. Although I really want to go to Bali and Africa.

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