Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Keep on Swimmin...

Check this out. Fishy Mittens! How cool is that? I think that I am in love! I have so much sock yarn and this is such a great use for the leftovers that always happen with a pair of adult socks. I can't wait to cut my entrelac teeth on these socks. I think that they will be such a great present for Bunny.

I also have a ton of clogs to make for family this winter for Xmas. I absolutely love that I can make people presents. It always seems to me that Xmas has become so commercialized and has lost its true meaning. Somehow when stores start their Xmas push in October, I start feeling nauseous and the feeling doesn't really pass until January. Hopefully people like handmade gifts. I sure do.

What's on the needles right now? A hat for Bunny to match the one that I made my Mom and some socks. Seriously. I think that this is the least that I have ever had on the needles at one time. Of course, I still have a 3/4 finished pair of clogs for me, Calla, and my design project on the needles right now waiting to be finished, but I need some serious inspiration before I pick these UFO's up again... Someday they will get finished. Someday. Until then, Fishy mittys, here I come!!


Patty said...

Hi Trish, where can I find the pattern for that fish? I love it!

Your SP9 Hostess

LaurieM said...

Hi! I found your blog through the links feature of blogger. I'm so happy you like my fish.

For anyone interested in the pattern, you can e-mail me at laurie_corriveau AT hotmail DOT com