Friday, October 20, 2006


I have the day off of work today. What does one do at home all day by herself? Clean? I probably should, but no. Study? Nope. Not that either. Let's see, I slept in, sent Hubby to drop off Bunny at daycare, drank that coffee that he brought me from Tim Hortons (yummy!) and sat down at the computer. That was an hour ago. I am thinking that next I will probably go and watch some tv and then have a nap. I love snowdays. I used to have a lot of snowdays in school, but once you are working, it becomes very difficult to just take a day off whenever you feel like it. People tend to get upset if you don't show up when you are supposed to. Phhhft... whatever.

Not much on the needles right now. I am a bit stumped actually. I haven't unpacked my knitting books because we are waiting on shelving in this room. And, I can't put up any shelving or anything until the room is painted. So, there you have it. I am planning to paint tomorrow afternoon after Bunnys swimming. I am thinking I will just go down to HomeDepot and buy one of the "mistake" cans -- you know, the cans of paint that someone has decided that they don't like the color of. I will try to find one that is the most neutral color (its a basement room) and just get it done tomorrow so that on Sunday I can buy my shelves and have Hubby set them up. I can't wait to get the boxes out of the garage so that we can start parking in there. Seems sort of a waste to have a nice big garage and still be parking on the street right??

Check out how big Bunny is getting. Seems like only yesterday she was a little baby. Every morning when she wakes up, I bring her in our bed and can't help marvel at how much she has grown up and what a nice little lady she is becoming. How lucky are we? See what I mean? So very grown up. And the things that come out of her mouth... She even talks like a grownup.

I wonder what the future will hold for her.

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Anonymous said...

sweet...i need a snowday already.

What a great pic of KK...she is adorable.