Friday, January 26, 2007

A Belated New Years Resolution

I have been contemplating the idea of making a New Years resolution as it seems as though this is still something that people do without fail every year. And the other day, it hit me. I was surfing blogs and was doing some archive reading on one of my favorite blogs (you will have to scroll down to the entry dated November 4, 2006 to read the post that caught my attention) and I realized that I have the exact. same. problem.

I have a serious addiction to sock yarn. I realized it a while ago. I have tried (unsuccessfully) to ignore the nagging guilt that I get everytime I look at the growing pile of yarn and make yet another web purchase. I suppose the first step is to admit the degree of the addiction, but my husband reads this blog and I think he might put a hold on my Visa. Ok, its not that bad, but there is a growing stash and no completed socks in sight. I think that main issue for me is that I fall in love with the way a skein looks when its in its natural state. Once you place it on a swift and wind it up, the properties of the yarn change. Where there was distinct seperation of colors before, you now get a mottled mix and this changes further when you begin to knit the sock.

Another issue that's holding me back is the idea that many sock yarns require, if not scream to be knit in a pattern that shows of its essence to the fullest. And, I must admit, I love nothing more than to knit socks in plain stockinette stitch. Intricate patterns, charts, lace and other complicated designs scare me. I am afraid that I will be unable to master the pattern and it will take forever to complete or that it will be full of glaring mistakes when I am done. So, what's a girl to do?

In light of this (and to get to the original point of this post), I am resolving this year to make it my year of the sock. I know that this has been unofficially done a number of times, and so, I am starting my own year of the sock. I aim to knit one pair of socks for each month this year (with the possible exception of July and possibly August for baby related reasons). That should leave me with 10 pairs of socks. I plan to work it this way - I will start with all the sock yarn that I have balled already with the previous intention to knit into socks. I know for sure that I have at least one ball of Anne sock yarn, as well as one ball of Sweet Georgia Yarn in the Rainforest colorway, and one ball of Knit Picks sock yarn in verigated green and blues all wound and waiting to be knit up. After this, I think I will let Bunny pick the yarn to be knit. Seems like a fair system to me.

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