Monday, October 15, 2007

A Little Love (and sleep) Goes a Long Way

Sanity has been (somewhat) restored to my house. After getting two nights worth of (mostly) adequate sleep, a little understanding from TG, and some love from my friends - your comments were most appreciated and really made my day! - I feel so much better.

Although life still has its ups and downs (Bunny tipped Monkey out of her Bumbo chair onto her face today after school) we can all cope so much better when we are heard and supported. You all are the best!

And, because I did promise knitting content today - here is an in progress pic of a pair of socks which are destined for my sister for Christmas. Too cute and apparently the fit is perfect. She just couldn't wait...

Trish's Ravelry Projects 017


Australoknitticus said...

I'm glad you're feeling somewhat better. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow. I am curious though, what the hell is a "Bumbo Chair"?

haze said...

Poor Monkey - yikes!! I'm also happy to hear you are doing better. It can't help to be sick AND tired. I hope you're able to take more time for yourself - starting with a nap.

And that's a beautiful sock.

Poltzie said...

hey hey, those socks are too perfect! My cold feet have a BIG smile right now :)
ps. I'm glad you are feeling better but if you need more help please call me!

Poltzie said...

Are you still sleeping? No pressure or anything but can you post an update please?? I'm wondering what happened to my post savvy sister?