Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stash Busting? Oh yeah.

Well, the self imposed yarn diet is working. I have been simultaneously knitting from my stash and fending off yarn cravings. It's been tough, but I am making it. I even went to two yarn stores on Tuesday and didn't buy a single thing!!

I am also making tons of progress on the projects I have been working on. First up, the Chunky Monkey Cardigan from Knitting for Two by Erica Knight. This has turned out to be such an instant gratification knit. Knit in Summer Tweed on US size 6 needles makes for a fast knit. I think that this project may have been knit fast enough that it will actually even fit Monkey once it is done.

Trish's Ravelry Pictures - October 11, 2007 005

As well, I am working on Eunny Jang's Endpaper Mitts. These are also an instant gratification knit and despite all the fairisle, are working up super quickly. I am not in love with the Italian Tubular Cast On, but once you get past that part, the mitts really speed along. There may be a class avaliable at my LYS in the near future - stay tuned for details.

Trish's Ravelry Pictures - October 11, 2007 006
Otherwise, on the baby front, both Bunny and Monkey are sick with colds again, which makes for some less than happy childrens. Will this ever end?? Or, am I in for a really miserable winter filled with sucky sick children??


Amanda said...

It's all so lovely! I especially love the chocolate and robin's egg blue of the mittens. You have an eye for color.

Kayla J said...

Oh, I love those mittens. One day. One day.

Sara said...

I'm going to have to say the exact same thing as the previous 2 comments. I absolutely LOVE those mittens you are doing. The colour combo is perfect.