Monday, June 05, 2006

Where Have I gone??

I haven't posted in a while and here's why -- we bought a HOUSE!! Yes, we already own a house, but this is a new house. Well, new to us anyway.... and its fantastic. But, buying a house and selling your own house is a big process and it takes lots of time. In fact, I haven't even knit anything in the last 2 weeks or so because of all the time I have spent looking at houses and getting ours ready to show. plus, we had to stay away all weekend so that potential home buyers could come and look at our house. Don't even get me started on that!! People are so disrespectful of other people's things. In the 2 days over the weekend that our home showed, the back door was left wide open and the soap dish in our bathroom was ripped off the wall! Nice.

Anyway, back to the new house. Here are some pics of it:

Nice eh?? We think so. Personally I hate the colors. I am already in the process of picking out new furniture and thinking about paint options. I can't wait to get started on making it ours. We take possession on the 21st of July (just 10 days before Kiki's b-day) and we have 10 days before we have to be fully out of our house. just 10 days to get the flooring and painting done. We want to paint all of the rooms (they all need it) and put laminate in the dining room and living room. We also need to redo the bathrooms and put in new tiles and a new sink and tub in each bathroom. It needs a LOT of work, but I know that with a little TLC, this house can be sooooooo nice.
Oh, and did I mention the best part?? It has a fireplace!! There is a sunkenn family room just below the kitchen and it has a fireplace and a walk out deck (actually, both the kitchen and the family room have walkout decks!). The fire place will also need some re-finishing, but once we do, it will look amazing!

Anyway, that's what I have been up to. I have just cast on a pair of socks, so not very exciting, but I am doing them toe up this time, so I guess that's at least somewhat interesting. Right? I will include a shot of them sometime this week if I get a moment. Otherwise, I imagine I will be fairly busy for the new few weeks/months. We are taking offers on our house tomorrow night. So, I am crossing my fingers between now and then in hopes that it will sell. Anything could happen between now and then!

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