Friday, May 05, 2006

Calla and other things new...

So, here is the progress I have made so far on Calla. I have to say that I am strongly thinking of frogging Calla and re-starting since I made some errors (which are very noticable to me) when I first started. I think that I have the rhythm down now, so frogging and re-starting wont be a huge deal and I think that I will be happier with the results. The more I look at it, the more I see the mistakes. I know, the picture is a little dark...

Even in these dark pictures though, I can see the dang mistakes. See if you can... sort of a "Where's Waldo?" sort of thing... LOL.

I also got some new yarn in the mail yesterday. All the way from Uruguay and still way faster than the (stupid expensive) yarn that I got from the US. MMMMM... so soft and so snuggly. I will use it to make Clapoits and I will love it and it will be mine. Oh selfish me. So many projects and all of them for me. I finished my mom's scarf and am still procrastinating on the blocking and weaving in of ends. I can so see myself doing that the night before her b-day.
I am also waiting on the super slow yarn from the US as I want to make a "one skein wonder" with it. I know, shamelessly jumping on the bandwagons here, but they are such cute, versatile patterns that I can't not make them. And the best part? The yarn for Clapotis was only about 25.00 from eBay. Love eBay.

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