Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Destashing? De-Lovely!

Well, I went on a major se-stashing expedition and re-sorted through the numerous (and overflowing) yarn purchases that I have made in order to find yarn for 3 items. It was time to re-sort, re-think, and ultimately it seems, re-stash... dang.

1. Clapotis - I have 2 possibilities for this. I originally thought of using that lovely handspun from Peru that I got last week for this, but I don't think that it will be a) the right gauge and b) shiny enough. Sooo... I think that I am going to track down 2 more skeins of black pearl (Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb) to go with the one that I got off of eBay and use that. I really like the gauge/shine/color of the LL's for that and so Lorna's Laces, it will be.

2. This shrug from the soon to be defunct FCEK magazine (which I couldn't find a net picture of to save my life):

Is one that I have been wanting to make for about a month now, but since I only have enough mercerized cotton for about half. The yardage on it calls for 13 balls of "Shimmer" by Coats & Clark, which at 127 yards a ball works out to um... 1651 yards altogether. Even with the most mercerized cotton in the right gauge, I only have um... just under 1000 yards. So much for that idea. And, I know df is going to kill me if I buy some more mercerized cotton since I have 2 different colors just sitting in my stash with pretty decent yardage and no projects for them yet. What's a girl to do. Incidentally, I really like the apple green color of the one on the model in the magazine. Normally I wouldn't contemplate apple green, but I really think that it is a nice color for this type of thing. Thinking on it, I think that when I finally finish Calla, I will be looking for some dk weight mercerized cotton/cotton blend for this.

3. One skein Wonder - Now, this is a tricky one. I have absolutely no bulky weight yarn in my stash. Its not a gauge that I normally knit with. So, what to do? I really want to make this in a dark color like a really really dark blood color/wine color. I originally thought that the one skein of Lorna's Laces Black Pearl would be perfect, but now I don't think it will work, even doubled up. So, once again, I am off to the store to get some bulky yarn in this colorway.

Ok, now that I have the three projects that I am looking to complete, I am determined not to add any more to the cue. These are my summer projects and that is it (ya right... until the next magazine comes out).

Oh, one other very neat thing -- I joined a yarn swap and got paired up with someone from the US. I suppose I will just have to hit a yarn store sometime today and find her something very very neat while I maybe buy the yarn for one of these projects. I just made reservations at Japanese Village for lunch with Ter so I will probably go to my favorite knitting store after on the way home. Or maybe I will get my knitting buddy's yarn at the store and then order some for myself off of so many expensive choices... so little de-stashing. What is a girl to do??

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