Saturday, March 24, 2007

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Well, here I am, which means that we are not in Virginia. I am both bummed beyond belief and relieved beyond belief at the same time. What happened? Well, on Friday Husband desperately tried to get Bunny an emergency visa. We got all the documents filled out (including spending 2 hours trying to track down a guarantor), got pictures taken of Bunny (which turned out to be too dark... grrr) and then Husband went to apply and was told that if he came back with either a plane ticket or valid travel itinerary in hand, he would be issued an emergency passport in under 24 hours. Yea, so this is when it all broke down. See, we were going to use our built up Airmiles to fly, but because we had 2 days notice, not 2 week, the amount of miles would be significantly reduced. So, our out of pocket cost for flights alone went from about 500.00 to about 3500.00 for the three of us to fly! Way too much. So, we have decided to save those miles for a trip to either Hawaii or Disney World in the new year. A little planning goes a long way.

On the needles at the moment are the socks that I am in the process of designing. I am almost finished the leg of the first toe up sock and will be on the hunt in the next few days trying to figure out what bind off would look nice with them. I want something different from the standard ribbed bind off that I normally do. I have no idea yet. I am hoping something will hit me soon.

I am also almost finished the toe up socks that I am making for my mom's b-day. She requested the yarn and I am confident that I will be able to post them as my March socks for the SAM 3 KAL. I can't wait to get them to her.

I still need to seam Bunny's sweater. I have it sitting on the back of the couch and feel so guilty every time I look at it. Hopefully I will find some motivation this weekend and just get it done. I really should. Soon it will be too warm to wear.

I really only have one thing to show off this weekend. I bought a skein of yarn that I just loved from HLMiller yarns. You really must check out this shop. She knit a pair of jaywalker socks in "Lily Petal" (her own colorway from her Etsy shop) for the SAM 3 KAL and I fell in love with them. You can see more pictures of how this yarn knits into jaywalkers here. She does do custom dying so if you feel you must have this color too, be sure to check her store out. Trust me, the jaywalkers that this yarn makes are to die for. You can see a better photo on the SAM 3 KAL blog in the February sock archives.



carmelclose said...

So sorry to hear that you cant make it away for a nice trip (sad) but on the other hand, you'll have more time at home with crappy weather (why doesnt the sun shine on Sunday?) which makes me (I dont know about you) want to curl up on the couch and knit myself silly (not far to gooooooooo).

granolagirl said...

Well sounds like the trip was not meant to be, but at least we'll get to see your smiling (glowing)face Tuesday night!