Friday, March 30, 2007


Ahhh, Friday. I have to go back to work on Monday and I am so not looking forward to that. More and more I am becoming comfortable with the idea of working from home some how. Must work towards making that a reality. I mean, just look at all the knitting I have gotten done over the last two weeks:

I finished Bunny's sweater. She is thrilled.

And, I started these socks yesterday:

Trish's Blog Pictures - Mar 30, 2007 010

This is how far I got in one day! Amazing, no? Please excuse the cat. She wanted to be a part of the process evidently. Actually she just wouldn't move. These are the Embossed Leaves socks from the new Interweave book - Favorite Socks. The stitch pattern is amazing, easy, and fast. I love them. I am using Yarn Pirate yarn in the Malamute colorway. So pretty. I can't wait to see how they will look once they are blocked.

Here is a close up of the stitch pattern:

Trish's Blog Pictures - Mar 30, 2007 012

I also finished these socks for the SAM 3 KAL. They will be a gift for my Mom's b-day this July.

Trish's Blog Pictures - Mar 30, 2007 002

Pattern: Vanilla Toe Up Socks (using the Summer 2006 Knitty pattern). I base all of my toe up socks on this worksheet. Pure genius.
Yarn: Trekking XXL in some random colorway (I lost the ball band)
Needles: Size 1 US

In baby news, I am 24 weeks as of this past Tuesday. Six months already. I can hardly believe it. I have a guilty confession to make though. I am still drinking coffee. Every morning I have my large, regular, Tim Hortons coffee and savor every minute of it. It's funny, I didn't drink coffee until I started working full time two years ago and now I can't imagine having to give up my one cup a day. I send Husband to get it each morning because I can't stand the dirty looks that non-pregnant people give me when I order, gasp, coffee. I did give it up in the first trimester (mainly because of all the vomiting) so really, I think that I did well. Sheesh. I know I am not alone in this - there must be plenty of pregnant women drinking coffee out there? Right. Either way, I am not giving it up. Bad me.

Remember the snow I showed you the other day? Gone. Totally gone. Calgary weather is crazy weird. See?

Trish's Blog Pictures - Mar 30, 2007 014

In one day all the snow melted. I think this calls for BBQ. I have convinced Husband to let me buy a Webber BBQ this summer (I am crazy for BBQ... I cook dinner almost every night this way in the summer). I can't wait. In case you aren't familar, these are the Cadillac of the BBQ and I. Want. One. They are the most even heating, durable, and user friendly BBQ ever.

We are off to Edmonton this weekend to visit friends. See everyone next week!


carmelclose said...

Nice socks, both of them! As for the coffee, ignore the dirty looks - they're just jealous that they arent "blooming" as lovely as all the Mommy's to Be. The Mommy to Be that I know, has sixteen ounces of coffee every morning so dont be too hard on yourself!!

Anonymous said...

Love the color on the Trekking socks.

I agree with carmelclose ... don't sweat the coffee. Your comfort and enjoyment counts too. If you stress over no coffee, that's not good, right?

Sue H said...

Love the embossed leaves sock. So have to get that book. Photo of sock was enhanced by your gorgeous kitty.

Barbara J. said...

Lovely photos! Especially the one with your cat - I have her twin! No kidding - I actually thought it was my cat (and the teenager agrees!)