Thursday, March 08, 2007

Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are

I recently read a friend of mine's blog who made the comment that she sometimes feels as though the words that she writes go into a void and are read by no one. Now, while she appears to prefer the anonymity, I must admit, it rather bums me out. I know, through my stat counter, the aproximate number of people that come to this site, but I don't know who you are. I will never get to meet you and I will never get to determine what you think of what you read here. The problem? I would really like to get to know all of you. I would like to have you comment and be able to track back through that to your blog or website and find out what you like or dislike and what you are working on at the moment. I would like to be able to leave you a comment so that you know that while you are reading what I have written, I am also interested in what you have to say. Cheesy? Maybe. But, I still want to meet you all, damnit. So, to that end, I say, "delurk, damnit". And, I challenge you to show yourself. Not only that, but I am going to run a contest to see how many of you I can entice into commenting so that I can "meet" you.

I am going to randomly give away a skein of Sweet Georgia Yarn in a very special colorway to one of you who comments on my blog between now and the next time that I post. I don't expect many comments, so this may be a particularly easy contest to win. Good luck to all.

In other news, the work on Bunny's intarsia sweater is almost complete. I am 3/4 of the way through the second sleeve and simply have some finishing after that to make it complete. Since finishing is not my strong suit, I will be taking myself to the LYS to have them sit with me and hold my hand while I finish everything off. I am a bit of a wuss that way and need constant hand holding and validation while I am working on seaming something.


Also, while I am trying patiently to wait for my Socks That Rock Shipment so that I can start on the first sock of the Rockin' Sock Club, I recently learned that they have shipped international orders a tad later than the domestic ones and therefore, I will have some waiting to do before I can get the yarn on the needles. So, in the meantime, I started a pair of socks from the new sock book that I bought in the Malamute colorway from Yarn Pirate.

I can't say enough about how happy I am with the combination. I love the way that the yarn is striping and yet pooling on the cuff all at the same time. This is my very first sock knit without using the standard vanilla pattern (i.e. Knit toe up in stockinette with a ribbed cuff). And, I am so thrilled with the ribbed cast on that the pattern calls for that I will be using it and the twisted rib stitch pattern again and again I think. This is the first time that I have used this cast on and I love it. However, since I really do admit that I prefer socks made toe up, I think that I will dedicate some time to searching out the cast off version as well. Want a closer look? Of course you do! You can sort of see the ribbed 1x1 cast on if you look closely at the bottom of the sock. And the colors are amazing. I can't wait to see how the rest of the pattern comes out. This will be my first lace sock (and really my first lace pattern), so if anyone has any helpful hints, please feel free to leave them. I can use all the help I can get!



yarn whisperer said...

How can I resist an offer like that, sign me up for the free yarn, I followed your link from the STR sock club.
Let's hope that as Canadians we don't have to wait too much longer.
Hang in there.

Kristy said...

I'm not actually de-lurking, since I've never been here before. I followed your link from the Favorite Socks KAL site. The yarn you're using for the Embossed Leaves Socks is beautiful! Good luck with a "fancy" sock... I'm sure you'll have fun with it :)

A warning if you'd like to visit my blog: I have some Rockin Socks Club pictures on my site, so you might want to wait until you get your kit!

Tanya said...

OK, ALREADY! Heehee. Actually, this is my first visit to your site. I found you from Fav Sock KAL.

I see you are a STR Clubber. Well, you can visit my site ( without seeing my sock or you can click on the links and take a look if you want.

Come on over!

Stacy Z said...

I too just came here from the Fav socks KAL because I was looking for who made the yarn.

I totally dig those socks. I have to start my STR socks soon too...I will have to add you so I can see what you do with the club goodies.


jen said...

Your on my bloglines and I did meet you (I'm pretty sure I did anyways) at the knit night at M1 about 2-3 weeks ago. I don't remember how I found you but I think I have been reading your blog for about a year now.

dana said...

Hey, it's Dana from the retreat! I should have posted a long time ago that I read your blog. Your sweater for Bunny is adorable and I think your intarsia looks really, really nice.

ikkinlala said...

Hi. I'm an occasional reader, but I don't have a blog or a website so I doubt this comment is really very helpful to you.

The sock (start) looks great - I love the colour.

Joanne said...

Hi... I found your blog from the STR club website. Isn't the new yarn great?

I'm planning to get to Alberta one of these days soon as my daughter and son-in-law live in Calgary. She was born in Wainwright.

Fun blog... I'll be back!

Joanne, The Canuck (from Kingston, ON) in Colorado

Sheri said...

Another one who's come here from the STR blog. I know the exact feeling you're describing. I would love to know if anyone reads my blog as well. (I think I have 1 reader!!)

Love the sweater and the malamute socks. Very pretty! I'm sure you'll do fine with your first lace sock. I've only done one lace pair, but it was a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I found your site through the STR sock club too! I'm from way down in New Zealand, and unfortunately I couldn't afford the club this year so I'm living vicariously through everyone else.

But I just got my birthday present in the mail which I didn't expect until April - SOCKS THAT ROCK! that's right! My Mum and Mum in law got me enough for 2 pairs and 2 patterns. I'm STOKED. It is truly the most beautiful yarn ever.

I'll keep watching you though, for those new posts of the STR club, because I won't be getting any more until next year at this rate :)

good luck with the new socks - also could you tell me where you got the Embossed Leaves Sock pattern from - I've seen the socks and heard of people making them but don't know where to find the pattern!


Veronica Lacaille said...

Im SO glad someone made that blog ring. Ive managed to lock myself out of my own blog somehow. I guess Im going to have to do something now!

Deb said...

Whoa- what a contest!!!!! I don't really know exactly HOW I got to your site- I tend to cruise around, finding things that interest me. I know what you mean about "Who are you"-I am new to blogging (as in I have been reading for a couple of years, but just started blogging last year-I was home with a knee replacement (and no, I am not a little old lady- I have a 9 year old!I also have a history of playing rugby rather aggressively). Anyhow, I am a Socks That Rock Virgin- I just recently got my first skein of it (and oooeee- it's nice) Question- do you add extra reinforcement in the heel, or is the yarn tough enough /strong enough to go it alone?

Amy said...

Hi! You already know me. :P

Margie said...

I commented on your STR post in response to ypur comment on my blog. So we know at least one person is reading our blogs, right? I just started blogging in earnest in January myself. Started last February and forgot I had a blog for awhile. It's fun, and so is sock knitting.

Curly Cable said...

Hi, I just come accross your blog through the Socks that Rock club, and seen your invatation to de-lurk and say hi, Sorry I can't help you with the cable problem on the pattern, I hoping to start mine at the weekend, just waiting for the smaller needles to arrive. but I thought I'd delurk and introduce myself and here to the Socks That Rock

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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