Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Change in the Weather

Snow today. Snow?!? The last two days have been so nice that we have had the patio doors and all the windows open. Today, snow. Calgary weather sucks. Isn't it supposed to be spring?? I am really getting twitchy waiting for the snow to stop, the buds to come out, and the birds to come back. I want to plant my garden. I want to take the cover off my patio set and have dinner outside on our deck, I want to work in the back yarn. I want to have Husband build the new deck he has promised me and I want to put up a hammock and plant some new trees. You see, the previous owners of this house didn't do much with the landscape, so we have so much to do. I can't wait. Right now, the backyard looks like this:

Trish's Blog Pictures - Mar 25, 2007 003

It's very plain. I can't wait to take it from plain to amazing over the next few years. I also love that the back fence is on a retaining wall and so, we are higher than most of our neighbours. Instant privacy. Add a few trees and this place will be a really nice place to raise the kids.

I took last week and this week off of work, which allows for more knitting and finishing of projects. I must have needed this rest. I have cooked for the last two days in a row and feel so much better. Husband is relieved to be fed again. He was getting really sick of fast food.

With my free time, I decided I would start on this:

Trish's Blog Pictures - Mar 25, 2007 004

It's Monica from the spring Knitty. I can't wait until it's done. Its been a great stash buster as I am using the Patons Grace that I bought for another project that I never got around to. We are trying to put together a "love package" for Bunny to open when the new baby comes. So far, I have a ton of clothes that I bought for her at Old Navy, a huge thing of new coloring markers, and now this tank once its done. I really want to add a bunch of things that she will find special so that she doesn't feel left out. As the baby date gets closer, I have begun to worry more and more that she will have trouble adjusting to this baby. She has been an only child for so long now that I hope the transition will not be too hard for her. I worry so much about it that I almost drive myself nuts... and then she does something like this and I feel so much better...

Trish's Blog Pictures - Mar 25, 2007 002


carmelclose said...

A love package is an GREAT idea for Bunny. I did that for my children and have started one for Mr. T. when the new grandbaby comes. Congrats on being Supermom and clueing into her before she needs therapy SMILE!!

granolagirl said...

Yah, great idea on the love package, I'll have to keep that one in mind for down the road when I have a family. Your daughter is a cutie!

Maria said...

I found your blog through the Socks that Rock blog. My first daughter was 4 1/2 when the next was born. She adored her sister. How about putting a new baby doll, some bottles, and clothes in her package? My daughter "nursed" her new baby!!! I always used nursing time to read to the older child. That way she felt included. I've always said that the only kids that have adjustment problems are the ones who's parents read them those stupid books telling them it's going to be hard! Relax!!! You'll love them both enough! Life doesn't get any better than those days with a new addition! I have 5 kids, and I miss those days!