Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Socks, Socks, and more Socks!

I think that I've been bitten by the sock bug that is going around. I have been compelled to start several new socks over the last week and I have even taken to designing my own pattern for a pair using my stitch a day calendar.

Last week, while cleaning out my knitting basket, I found several things that I didn't even remember that I owned! One of these is this skein of Schaefer Anne sock yarn. So, while I finished up other projects, I sat the skein on the end of the couch that is my knitting central and found myself entranced by it. I couldn't stop thinking about how amazing it would look knit up into some toe up socks, with an eyelet lace type pattern up the front of the foot and around the leg. So, I dug through my stitch a day calendar and found the perfect pattern for this yarn; a lacy cabel-y pattern that perfectly flatters the yarn. But, I do have some tinking to do this morning as I somehow dropped a number of stitches last night at Make 1 and will need to go back about 4 rows as a result. I am loving how quickly this pattern knits up and am really enjoying the yarn overs and k2tog that come with a lace pattern. The only kink that I have run into so far is that the pattern is not meant to be used in the round, so I had to re engineer it somewhat to make it into a viable pattern for knitting in the round.

See all the little stray wisps that are coming off the yarn? That's the Mohair. I haven't worked with a sock yarn that contains mohair before, and I was worried that I would get itchy because of it, but it seems fine and I love the loft that it brings to the finished yarn.

Trish's Blog Pictures - Mar 21, 2007 013

I am also finished my first of the pair of Socks that Rock February socks from the Rocking Sock Club. I love the toe, foot, and heel part of the pattern. I hate the cable part from the heel up. My cables look off. I don't know why. I have frogged once already and have re-done the cables, but for some reason they aren't lining up like they should and I can't quite figure out why. Sigh. I was hoping that these would be my completed socks for the SAM3 KAL, but it looks like that won't happen now as I need to go back and re-do the entire leg portion. Luckily I do have some socks that I am making for my Mom that are almost done that I can post as my March socks, but I was really hoping to have them done in time. Oh well, I suppose as long as they are finished by mid April (when the next yarn and pattern comes from STR) I will be ok.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong??

Trish's Blog Pictures - Mar 21, 2007 005

And, finally, someone won some sock yarn last week and I have been too lazy to post the winner. Bad me. Actually, I have already notified the winner (Dana) as I happened to both pull her name (using a random number generator last week) and see her (totally coincidentally) at the LYS last night. Too cool. So, here is the yarn that she wins:

Trish's Blog Pictures - Mar 21, 2007 016

I, for the life of me, can't recall where or when I picked up this skein of Sweet Georgia yarn. It appears to be in a colorway (Snapdragon) that is not commercially available on her site and it is enough to make a pair of socks (420 yards) all wrapped up in one skein. No clue where it came from, but I do know where it is going. Yay Dana.
It looks like we may well be going to Virgina next week for Husband's work stuff. So, in light of that, there will most likely not be any blogging for at least a week. I am still trying to decide if I really want to go or not. It will be hot (and pregnancy does not mix well with hot), Husband has been uber grumpy lately (and pregnancy does not mix well with that either), I will be by myself (with Bunny) every day until supper time and I do not know my way around Virgina at all. However, there are some pros to going away. This probably will be my only vacation this year as we will have a new addition to the family in July. Husband is going with a colleague that also has kids. Lots of kids. One of which is Bunny's age and they get along famously, so I won't be alone all day. We will actually be in Richmond, which is a pretty big centre. So, I think that the shopping will be amazing. There is a makeup store that I am told is a makeup utopia, which I will be sure to go to. There is also Target, Victoria's Secret and plenty of Local Yarn Stores. So, you can see my dilemma. I guess by next week, it will become apparent as to what I have decided based on my blogging or lack there of. If I do go, expect a review of the LYS that Virginia has to offer.


dana said...

That yarn is great - I'm really excited about it. Neon green socks! Thanks so much!

It was great to see you last night, too. It's been far too long - obviously I have to come out to Tuesday nights at the store much, much more often (i.e., EVER.)

If you go to the states, you must shop at Bath and Body Works - their stuff is luscious and divine and not available in Canada, sadly.

Wannietta said...

The cables look fine; the one at the back of the heel does look a bit bunchy, but it's hard to tell with your foot extended. Maybe try turning it inside out and look at the cables on that side & compare them to the pattern picture. It might be easier to see if there is a mis-crossing.

Beth said...

Hey - I saw your post on the STR blog - I'm in the club too.

I don't have an answer to your cable dilemma, but saw that you may be coming to Richmond VA - that's where I am! Let me know if you're coming and perhaps we can get together in the evening (I work full-time). I can at least suggest some places to go / things to do.

Delana said...

Hi! Came to see your RSC sock from your post on the RSC blog. It's a bit hard to tell if what I think I'm seeing is true from the photo, but it sort of looks to me like when you are starting a cable round, you may be starting from a different point than the last time and that's why they aren't lining up correctly. Try following one of your k2 sections up the leg of the sock. Does it always stay in the same vertical line of cables or does it shift back and forth? They should stay in the same vertical line of cables according to the pattern.

Kay said...

I am in the STR club as well. I noticed when I first started the cable I had a tendency to skip one of the stitches after the cable. That might be what is happening with yours, which would put your cables off center. Good luck with them!